The outside environment is filled with harmful bacteria, germs and viruses that are ready to attack and invade a weak body, which easily falls prey to infections.

At such times, the body’s immune system puts up fierce defense to fight these infections. Superfoods are great comrades to build a strong immune system.

You can be rest assured that if you have a strong immune system, then even if an infection invades your body, it will go away in no time and your body will emerge a winner in fighting it off efficiently!

How does one get a strong immune system?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Your food intake acts as fuel to your body. It’s important to include the right food to fight off infections and keep your body’s immune system strong.

Superfoods can help reduce contamination

There is no ascertained way to avoid the infection; yet strengthening our body’s immune system with Superfoods can help reduce the risk of contamination to a great extent.

Beginning with the skin, it wards off an infection. It is therefore, of utmost importance, to keep your body well hydrated.

An infection enters your body via openings like the mouth, eyes and nose.

Mucus is formed due to which you sneeze and cough when you fall sick. This way, your body fights the germs and throws it out of your system.

Next is the role of the Red Blood Cells (RBC) and White Blood Cells (WBC). The Red Blood Cells transport oxygen in the body, which aids in breathing and producing energy.

White Blood Cells are immunity cells. They fight virus, bacteria and other harmful foreign bodies.

In case of the WBC depleting in number, your body falls prey to diseases very quickly.

How to keep infections at bay?

Superfoods! Being nutrition dense, they have multiple benefits!

Antioxidants like citrus fruits, berries, turmeric, tea, garlic, ginger, beans, seeds, nuts, yoghurts etc. are good for your body.

It is essential to include any one of these at least once a day in your diet.

These aid in building your immune system, which in turn fights against diseases.

Rich in Vitamin B, C and E, these Superfoods keep the body’s immune system strong.

Magic of a Colorful Plate

Super Food

The more colors added to your plate, the better it is! A nutrition rich diet constituting various ingredients is most befitting.

Besides, Basil, Neem, Green Tea also work wonders for your body.

Vitamic C is Vital


Citrus fruits are a great source of Vitamin C. Get your body stocked up with abundant oranges, amla, lime, etc.

What’s it about Coconut!


It’s best to start your day with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil. 

Due to is anti viral properties, it helps create a shield against various viruses and harmful bacteria.

It’s well known to reduce inflammation.

Turmeric has Great Merit


Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric with its compound, curcumin, is an age old, tried and tested formula with multiple benefits.

Adding black pepper and turmeric to your diet, aids in multifarious ways. It’s good for your immune system.

You can have it with lukewarm water and add spices like cloves, saffron, cardamom, cinnamom to it, or have a glassful of turmeric milk for good health.

Liquorice – Effective it is!


In traditional terms, it is known as mulethi.

A cup of mulethi tea can work wonders in case of cold.

It is effective in several viral infections as is has antiviral, anti- inflammatory properties, which ultimately lead to a strong immune system.

The Great Form of Fermented Foods


Known for keeping good gut health, a small amount of fermented foods helps the growth of good bacteria.

This in turn proves beneficial for strong immunity.

You can consume yoghurt, kanji water, kefir, home made pickles, which keep your body’s immunity strong.

The Star Ingredient – Star Anise


It constitutes an ingredient named shikimic acid, which has been used for a decade and more to synthesize antiviral medication.

It’s proven to have excellent healing power.

It can be had in the form of amazing soups or curries, Thai style, of your choice. You can also add few pieces to boiling water, let it mix well and consume warm.

Prebiotic foods – Good for Gut

Prebiotic foods

Flax and chia seeds, oats, barley, kiwi, apples, bananas, potatoes, garlic help the growth of good bacteria.

It promotes good gut health and aid in digestive issues. This in turn results in boosting your immunity levels to a great extent.

Mend your Living Style

We have to combine these super foods with an adequate lifestyle that will help a healthy body to build a strong immune system.

Underneath is a checklist to follow a healthy routine for good health and keep diseases away:


Stay positive:

It’s a mind game. Don’t let those negative thoughts ruin your mental framework. Don’t let it affect your happy self.

Half your battle will be won if you stay positive and not get anxious in any given situation. It’s a great way to deal any crisis.


Adequate sleep:

To keep our minds charged up, we consume a lot of beverages, which actually create hindrance in our sleep patterns.

It results in stress, which is not good for a strong immune system.


Keep stress away:

Stress does no good to the body. So why get stressed anyways?

It only builds negativity, which deteriorates the immune system. So it’s better to keep stress away any day.


Quit Smoking:

Smokers are at highest risk of catching coronavirus infection.

The ones with respiratory conditions are most susceptible.


Exercise is a must:

Make it a way of life to exercise.

Your day shouldn’t be complete without a light exercise schedule.

It has multifold benefits and moreover, boosts your immune system.

Superfoods and right routine boosts immunity and rocks your body!

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