Boost your Immunity against Covid-19

November 30, 2021

Coronavirus can happen to anyone, so, it’s really important to maintain good health overall. If your immune system is strong, it aids in fighting the virus with full might!

Immunity is the Key

While the pandemic has shaken people across the globe, vaccine has given considerable ray of hope; yet it’s a long way to the eradication of the virus, or so it seems!

At such times, the body needs its natural cover to fight the infection and keep it at bay first and foremost!

Survival of the Fittest

Virus is bound to affect those with compromised immunity levels. The lower your immunity, your chances of catching the infection are much higher. Thus one must go all out to strengthen and support their immune system.

Nutrition & A Healthy You

Popping pills is not the answer to a robust immune system.

While exercise, staying hydrated, good, relaxed sleep, stress management and maintaining proper hygiene are helpful, it’s said time and again, and scientifically proven too, that nutrients play a vital role in this process of immunity boosting.

Foods that Boost Immunity

Consuming foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals, dietary fibers constitute the key to good health and are accompanied with ample benefits.

It’s important to consume fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and limit the intake of sugar, and saturated fats to build your body’s immunity levels.

What food should Covid patients include in their diet?

Take the Good Food Guide to Faster Recovery

It’s particularly important for those recovering from Covid to follow a strategic nutrition plan more religiously for faster recovery.

By way of filling your plate with the colorful nutrient rich foods, you take a crucial step in strengthening your immune system.

Bank on Fruits & Veggies

immunity boosting Fruits & Veggies

A Covid patient’s diet should particularly involve the requisite vitamins and minerals that one needs to build immunity,

These are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables.

Winsome Formula – Eat Good, Feel Good

 Watch your diet & Stay Calm

It’s so far the best way to nourish the body with healthy food which then aids the functioning of the immune system.

While it’s not the only winsome formula to fight the disease, it surely is a strong one to fight the precarious infection.

Don’t panic! Watch your diet & Stay Calm

A Covid patient’s diet should primarily constitute all immunity boosting recipes and diet to feel good and get back in shape soon.

Taking medicine is important, but combining it will the proper nutritional diet is the key to a healthy you!

Eating right & keeping a balanced mind, you will win over the virus!

A ‘Must Have’ in Covid Patient’s Diet

Juices that provide Vitamin C protect the body against germs and viruses.

Orange juice, particularly, is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Lemon juice is also very high in immunity-strengthening Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps in fighting against illnesses, faster healing, and boosts the immune system.

Juice Up Your Life

Immunity Boosting Shots

Here’s an interesting recipe to keep those pandemic blues away and create a healthy shield by consuming this juice, which has a significant taste.

It will take some time to cultivate its peculiar taste, but once your taste buds get accustomed to the taste, then more will be less! Here’s more power to you!

Foods for Covid Recovery: Immunity Boosting Shots

Immunity Boosting Shots specifically help when you are down with the virus, and make you feel good and energetic.

Amidst the list of foods for Covid recovery, this one will surely rank high.

 Its ingredients are rich nutrients that boost the immune system, thus giving your body the power to fight the disease and recuperate quickly.

Try this healthy recipe that’s good for you and gets ready in minutes! For a Covid patient’s diet, it’s a recipe that will work wonders!

Immunity Boosting Shots: Its Ingredients and Importance:

Fresh ginger is rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation. It’s been used since centuries for its therapeutic properties.

 It also reduces nausea and pain. Studies also suggest it is effective in fighting respiratory ailments.  

Fresh Turmeric is a spice that’s been in effect for centuries now due to its beneficial qualities, specifically medicinal purposes.

Curcumin, its main ingredient constitutes powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

When you’re feeling sick, fresh turmeric is key. Turmeric is used to treat breathing related health hazards.  

An amazing source of Vitamin C, Oranges boost your immune system, protect cells from damage, aids your body in fighting against germs.

It assists your body in making collagen, a protein that helps in healing. It adds a sweet & tangy taste.

Adding black pepper, just about a pinch, has multifold benefits.

It’s beneficial to add Coconut or Oregano Oil to fresh turmeric.

Oregano Oil, along with anti-inflammatory properties, is a natural antibiotic.

Coconut Oil kills the harmful microorganisms in the body.

To add that extra nutritional punch to the juice is to add a pinch of cayenne pepper or detoxifying lemon juice to the shots.

That’s how you give that punch with a pinch of rich nutrition!

Here’s the recipe to this nutritive drink!

Immunity Boosting Shots

Prep Time: 5 min.


  • Orange (peeled and without seeds)
  • Fresh ginger root 1 inch
  • Fresh turmeric root 1 inch
  • Pinch of black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon coconut or oregano oil


1. Peel oranges (remove the seeds), ginger, and turmeric root. 

2. Add all ingredients to the blender.

2. Blend all ingredients until a smooth puree is ready. Add orange juice if required to get a juicy flavor.

Shoot up your immunity levels with Shots! Keep Sipping, Stay Healthy!

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