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Hi there! Welcome to Hunger Bro, an appetizing ride of culinary expression- a passion of my life. I am a food and cooking enthusiast, my entire life revolves around gastronomical experiences. I from my childhood have been a big foodie, with growing age I started moving around for food in different parts of our country. After a point, I had an urge to cooking and make people eat and have their experience and feedback about my dishes.

I believe food is a universal language which connects people and brings us all together. Importance of food and cooking has been instilled in me by my family, and that I try to pass on to my friends and whoever else I come in contact with! I love taking old recipes and simplify them so they can be made very quickly at an affordable cost. I also love experimenting with new recipes, create fusion dishes by way of mix and match of different cuisines with the ingredients which are easily available in all kitchens. I have an impulse of giving my twist to every dish and as a result, you will find me on developing flavours with home-based ingredients and spices.

As I said earlier I am a big-time foodie I love to eat ALMOST as much I love to cook so I do a lot of sampling of restaurants here in Ahmedabad city. Whenever I travel I also make it a point that I try to find best possible food joint in and around that place, I certainly try the food culture of that region and you will see some travelling eats on my blog too….

I have been blogging on and off about different food and cooking experience on different platforms. But now to put it in a proper and presentable manner I have started my own blog Hunger Bro… you can find me also on Facebook and a YouTube channel.

Thanks for giving a visit and I hope you will enjoy what you will find here on Hunger Bro!!!!

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